Long Crendon Bowls Club was founded in 1921; the founder(s) of the club are unknown for the whereabouts of those early records are buried in the minds of people long gone...
Records do show that one of the early presidents of the club was Colonel S. L. Barry during 1937. The chairman was Mr. A. J. Kerrand the captain of the club was Mr H. J. Massingham.
In that year (1937) records show that Long Crendon Bowls Club played matches against Aylesbury Post Office, Aylbury Borough, Brill, Chilton, Headington, Oxford Co-op, Manor Vale, N.A.L.G.O., Waddesdon, Wingrave, Sandford Vale, Steeple Aston and Stone. Many of these clubs are not in business anymore while Long Crendon still prospers.
In 1921 the land for a three rink green was leased from Long Crendon Council. More land was leased from Long Crendon Parish and two additional rinks were added.
During 1989—1990 50% of the paving and flower beds were completed. Then in 1991 the green was extended to include a sixth rink. The banks and ditches were built to B.C.B.A standards and the paving and flower beds were completed, as it is at present. 
During 1994 the water irrigation system was installed.
Until 1981 the members had no Club House for refreshments and had to make arrangements with the Churchill Arms and Star public houses.
The clubhouse at Long Crendon Bowls Club was a former school building, known as a 'Horsa hut'. Horsa is the acronym for the 'Hutting Operation for the Raising of the School-Leaving Age'. These were constructed at the end of the Second World War to support the raise in the education age to the age of 15. 
Horsa huts were constructed of concrete and timber and were only intended as temporary accommodation with an expected lifespan of only ten years. 
In January 1981 planning permission was granted for the renovation of the clubhouse. The first picture below show the condition of the building before works commenced.
The existing Club House was refurbished and opened in June 1981 by Mr W. Dalton,  B.C.B.A President during 1981.
2002 saw the dining room, lounge and kitchen refurbished. The external walls and windows to the front and rear elevations were also rebuilt. Unfortunatly the club also experienced damage due to vandalism in 2002. 
March 2004, after long negotiations with Bucks County Council, the Club completed the freehold purchase of the land and building.
The old "Horsa hut" building...
The current Club House...
... and the Men's changing room.
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